Duck in a can


Last Spring when I was helping Richard with the wedding of the year, I noticed that he had these great cans that he used to mix paint in.  Turns out that he gets them in France, full of duck confit.  He said that it’s just really good, he always has a can or two on hand.  (Generally, confit means cooking in oil or fat at a low heat and then preserving the meat by covering it in the oil or fat and storing it in a cool place)   

late february 2016 001

So when we were in France for Ben’s birthday I bought two cans.  A little pricy, between 10 and 20 Euros I remember.  The can weights over 2 pounds and has 4 legs with thighs attached in it.  Really it isn’t any different that having a can of tuna on the shelf, except it is a can of duck….

late february 2016 003

It took every tool in my arsenal to get it open.  For the next can, I’ll not wait as late in the evening to try to open it, so that I can get help from Costo or Ida.  I never completely got the top off. 

late february 2016 005

Richard’s advice was to peel the paper off the can and set it directly on a burner to melt all the fat.  I saw lots of problems with that and decided to put the can over a steamer of hot water.

late february 2016 006

The rich duck fat slowly melted and I was finally able to drag the 4 pieces out. 


late february 2016 007

In the end this bowl was pretty well filled with duck fat.


late february 2016 008

Because it is very rich meat you don’t need a lot of it.  From these 4 pieces I got 4 meals for 2 people.  Roasted duck with little red potatoes cooked in duck fat and Tuscan kale.  (That kale negates all the duck fat, Ha ha!)  A French Bistro inspired salad with greens, little red potatoes fried in duck fat, mustardy croutons and a mustardy dressing.  And duck fried rice with fresh pineapple and crunchy rice cooked in duck fat. (we had this for dinner and then lunch the next day)   So even if it cost 20 Euros,  that is 5 Euros a meal  for the main part of the meal for 2 people for 4 meals.  Not bad.

I just might buy another can or two.



  1. grace brousseau

    Next time I would love to help,,eat and prep

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Whoever would have thought?! What a great idea though. I have a duck post coming later this week… and all I had to do was open a can!

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