Ohhh, those Dutch Folks,


I have a bone to pick with them.  When we were in Amsterdam I made a special effort to make it to the famous flower market to buy bulbs.  I was really excited to get 2 amaryllis bulbs.

february, 2016 047

See what color the flowers are supposed to be….  dark blue/purple


february, 2016 045

See what color the flowers are, red and white.  So disappointed. 


I can’t fault the health of the plant.  This plant had 2 stalks, one had 4 blooms and the other had 6.  Since they were so heavy I decided to cut them. 

february, 2016 051 

They have been cut, in water for over two weeks now and still look very nice.  The plant they were cut from is sending up another bloom.  Maybe it will be blue?  The buds on the other plant are just starting to open.  Fairly sure they are red and white too.

Anyway they look pretty.  Very nice next to these

february, 2016 033

The 5 Euro box of strawberries.  That are tasty. 

The other bulbs that I bought, very unique daffodils, are just starting to pop through.  Let’s hope they are worth the amount of effort it took me to get them. 



1 Comment

  1. Michael

    The comments are working! Maybe those folks in Amsterdam knew how much better looking the Red and White ones were…or maybe it was supposed to be an April fools thing. They are lovely!

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