March brought us visitors who brought gifts.  Can you guess who?

late march 2016 013

The chickens visited Auntie Martha’s Holiday Hen House and when Richard came to pick them up he left us with lots of lemons and oranges from the property where he and I think my Grandmother lived in Sorrento.  And he brought the great lemon pasta from that area which is very tasty.

late march 2016 014

Then Ben’s daughter Annalisa arrived for a very short visit and brought us the bag of Southern Biscuit flour.  This has turned out to be such a good product.  I have almost used up the bag I brought back in December. 


late march 2016 055

We celebrated Easter Monday (a holiday here) by having ham biscuits.  Easter Sunday our neighbors had folks over and fired up the grill.  After they were finished cooking I threw our steak on there and we had a nice steak and grilled veg for our Easter lunch.

Just enjoying the good life and spring here in Tuscany.


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