Spring Entertaining


(written in late March)


Fairly, reliable warm weather arrived the last week of March.  And with it, ‘Spring Cleaning’ has bubbled over in Ida, our upstairs neighbor. 

late march, 2016 003

Not content with pursuing every iota of dust and dirt in her apartment, she has started on the outside too.  Sanding and oiling the doors.


late march, 2016 006

Getting new stones delivered for the path.


late march 2016 049

Together, we collaborate on the ‘wreath’.  My idea.  Her umbrella and paper flowers.  The wind was battering the fresh flowers.  Her paper ones are a better choice.

late march 2016 051

We are still using our heater which vents out at knee cap level just below the ‘Egyptian’ plaque.  That is why this table is there.  To keep anyone from walking into the vent.

late march 2016 052

I try to hide the ugliness of the vent by keeping fresh flowers on the table.


There are those among us, who still don’t think it is warm enough to be outside, one of those being my husband.  So when Grace came over for lunch we sat inside.

late march, 2016 016

late march, 2016 018

Grace brought over a lovely shrimp and vegetable salad which we enjoyed.

late march, 2016 017


The last week of March, Lorenzo, the youngest son, finally celebrated his birthday.  It was earlier in the month but weather, busy schedules and other things prevented a large outdoor, boy, girl celebration.  Ida did it up right!

late march 2016 058

15 teenagers for lunch and an afternoon of games.

late march 2016 059


late march 2016 060

late march 2016 048

This weekend, Ida will be hosting another BBQ lunch on Sunday.  Ben and I have some nice marinated pork tenderloins that I will throw on her grill when she finishes using it.  And Carlotta and her sisters will be back to visit Auntie Martha’s Holiday Hen House in a few days too.  Busy April….





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