Iris and others


Yes, more spring flower pictures.  We had a good bit of rain last winter so the spring flowers are really looking good this year.

april 2016, john's tulips 016

There are lots of patches of these white Sicilias (I think they are called) on the property.  This group managed to escape the fury of Costantino’s tractor.


april 2016, john's tulips 004

This is the group of iris right outside our door.  I had planned to take them out in the fall and put in a hydrangea and the azalea that you can just see in a pot near the base of the tree,  but then the hydrangea went missing so I decided not to expend any effort on this bed.  All winter when Nerone could barely make it out the door before having to lift his leg he has been hitting this spot. 


festa della roche, orchids april 2016 004

Instead of a green paw, I guess Nerone has ‘green pee’.  See the freaky white one in the upper right.  That is what happens when I don’t shoe away the aphids and they eat the tasty purple flowers, leaving the white center.  I always thought that centers were the best of many things…. Hostess cupcakes, jelly filled doughnuts, rolled oysters, chocolate covered cherries…

festa della roche, orchids april 2016 010

The iris really put on a show.  But the pansies have contributed too.

festa della roche, orchids april 2016 008

This is a mid-April shot before I set the tomatoes out.  The tall red blooms in the center are my splurge plant for the season, a bougainvillea.  The lower red blooms are snapdragons that wintered over and just started blooming away.  So I guess the dominate color of the garden this summer will be red after the blues and golds of the iris and pansies are gone.

festa della roche, orchids april 2016 036

After years of wanting to do this, I finally made time to paint the tomato stakes. 

festa della roche, orchids april 2016 037

They sort of stand out now, but once the tomatoes have taken off, you won’t even see them. 

april 2016, john's tulips 012

Even the chicks are hanging out with the iris.


april 2016, john's tulips 013

Can’t let the iris steal the show.  This is the last of the amaryllis that have been blooming indoors since January. 

april 2016, john's tulips 009

An iris close up and to end, tulips.  These were at John and Richard’s house. 

april 2016, john's tulips 020


april 2016, john's tulips 024

april 2016, john's tulips 026

april 2016, john's tulips 027

april 2016, john's tulips 033

No doubt, more flower posts are in the future.


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  1. sallym808

    I love spring flowers. Thank you so much for sharing. Living in Hawaii, I don’t get to see them except at Safeway. I know I have lots of beautiful flowers here to enjoy but I LUV spring flowers

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