I’m feelin’ better now…


Guest Post:  By Nerone, the dog


Thanks for asking.  I’ve been REAL SICK!  Since New Years I’ve been in the hospital two times.  Drip IVs and lots of scans and X-rays.  And they still don’t know what’s wrong with me. But my doctor, Dr. Moreno Graziani at the clinic in Arezzo (Piazza Andromeda 22/B  Zona Pescaiola) is real good.  He speaks English to  She Who Must Be Obeyed and shows her what to do to take care of me. 

She Who Must Be Obeyed, says this would have cost a fortune in the US.  She says that it has only cost about 500 Euros so far.  Good thing I had some savings.  And disability insurance. 

early april 2016, purple hair 028

Up until last week I was still workin’.  Not a full schedule but enough to keep those cats in line.  Well, some fly (my Doctor calls it a mosca!)  laid eggs in my fur which hatched!   Ewwwwww, it was so gross.  I had to have an emergency procedure last Sunday.  But we caught them in time.  And a really bad haircut was involved.  Still I need to rest inside.  No going outside unattended for a while. 

mid may 2016 010

It’s a little borin’ just layin’ around.  But I am tryin’ to be a good patient.  She has to give me shots!  But She says that today is the last time for 3 shots a day.  Now I’ll just have my steroid shot one time a day.

mid may 2016 003

(She writing here.  The antibiotic shots comes in 2 containers.  I have to use a needle to suck the liquid from one vial and shot it into the other bottle which has powder in it and then mix.  Such fun!)

Nerone Again:  I guess I might need to take what She calls Zantac for ever.  It does make my tummy feel better.   And it makes me feel better.  I’m keepin’ a positive attitude.  Waggin’ my tail.  And lookin’ forward to summer when I can go back outside.  Might need some sun screen though until my hair grows back.  



  1. Grace Brousseau

    Sorry this happened to you N. >

  2. Poverino! We’re so sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather. We here at Casa De Sole wish you a speedy recovery so you can chase those naughty kitties. Well, we’re all cats here, but we really understand. Heck, we love the attention! 🙂 abbraccione!

  3. I’ve passed your nice note on to Nerone. He returns to the vet on Friday so we’ll see… Thanks for reading and commenting

  4. BK McCloud

    Nerone, I agee being sick is NO fun. Hope you’ll soon be puttin’ those cats or chicks in their proper place. take care, my friend!

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