What’s this?


early may 2016 035

Yes, I braided the daffodils leaves.  Can you tell I have wayyyyy too much time on my hands?  Actually, not true.  Between Ben and Nerone ( one or the other always seems to need something) I get little bits of time but no block of two or three hours when I know for sure I won’t have to stop, clean my hands from what ever I am doing and go do something for one of them.  I believe that is a universal care giver’s dilemma. 

Back to the garden…of course

early may 2016 038

I braided the daffodil tops so that the hosta could take more of a starring role.  They look really good this year. 

early may 2016 040

This was in early May.  We have since had a good bit of rain. 

mid may 2016 004

And they are now HUGE!


mid may 2016 006

I also added some coleus which will take off once warmer weather arrives.  Costo helped me tame back the the two bushes.  The rose is doing very well.  I am real please with this bed. 


mid may 2016 008


One more pot of coleus will go towards the brick sidewalk.  I am waiting for the elephant ears to sprout and move out of the pot.  I like the freaky mix of red and salmon/pink impatiens.  Very happy with this bed. 





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  1. BK McCloud

    You have earned the right to be proud of your garden!!! I wish I had just a smidgen of your green thumb. Maybe next spring we can exchange tea and gardening tips?

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