So what did we do for my birthday?


Celebrated!  Of course!  Several times!

A number of our friends here are traveling this month, so I had to start the celebrations with cocktails on May 9.  The only night in early May when it wasn’t raining.

mid may 2016 001

This seems to be the only picture I took of the event.  There was a lot of food and it was a lot of fun.


For my actual birthday, Ben and I celebrated quietly.  For lunch I had the traditional hot goat cheese salad

birthday celebrations may, 2016 011

and a glass of French rose.  Pickled beets made it special.  Dinner was hot dogs, with chili, cheese and slaw.

Ben surprised me by organizing a card shower.

birthday celebrations may, 2016 039

birthday celebrations may, 2016 040

birthday celebrations may, 2016 041

The best kind of flowers to send me, ones that don’t make me sneeze.


I was finally able to gather a crowd this past Sunday to meet for lunch at La Toraia.   La Toraia is a local farm that raises the large white beef cattle of the area, the Chianina.   So it is not really a place to bring a vegetarian or vegan to, although the menu does have a veggie burger on it.  They do make an excellent, excellent hamburger, which is very hard to find here in rural southern Tuscany. 

birthday celebrations may, 2016 012 

birthday celebrations may, 2016 014

It was a perfect day to sit outside in countryside and enjoy life here in Italy with friends.

birthday celebrations may, 2016 016

Lorenzo’s plate of roast beef which looked really good.  And it must have been, since he totally  scarfed it down.


birthday celebrations may, 2016 017

Ben’s Tris di Carne, yes it is all raw.  If you are going to eat raw meat, this is the place to do that.

birthday celebrations may, 2016 019

My excellent cheeseburger.  Good fries too.

Afterwards we came back to our house and sat in the garden to enjoy French Rose Champagne (thanks John and Richard) and Italian Cream Cake. 

65 b day cake

Nice Impressionistic photo by George Hardy. 

Thanks to everyone who helped me celebrate both here in Italy and in the US.  I know I am very lucky.





  1. Grace Brousseau

    The Shrimp mousse was excellent,,,,, >

  2. Thank you Grace. I believe that it might be a Southern Living type of recipe from the ’70s. I think I might have gotten it from my first husband’s mother. Needs that expensive can of Campbells cream of tomato soup to make it right.

  3. BK McCloud

    So sorry we missed your birthday celebration. Maybe next year.

  4. Belated birthday wishes! Lovely celebrations–the absolute perfect combination:friends & food! 🙂

  5. Lovely! A table full of food is always welcoming! 🙂

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