May Garden Shots


The garden has been at its best the last few weeks.  There has been a lot of rain and most everything is doing well.  Cooler temps have kept some things blooming longer and others opening later and tomatoes NOT setting fruit like they should be.  But all in all (if you don’t have to cut the grass) a good spring for gardens in Tuscany.

birthday celebrations may, 2016 030

The hosta are just going crazy.  Over a few years time I have bought these as small root slips from a grocery store, Lidl.  If I had bought them as plants, being able to see the leaf colors I probably would have placed them differently.  As common as they are in the US, they are fairly rare here.  I have only seen them sold in the Lidl. Never seen them planted elsewhere.   I think the coleus make a nice contrast.  Between the spring flowering bulbs, the rose and these hosta, this bed by the door now looks nice for 9 months of the year.  Can you tell I’m proud of it?

late may 2016 042

This is the bed to the side.  All these gazzinas  (or whatever they are called in the US) wintered over and have finally almost filled this area.  They are good bloomers, but they close up at night.  However the foliage is pretty and glossy.  They are bordered by the amaryllis.

late may 2016 041

The amaryllis start life inside, in winter, being forced in to bloom for a bit of color in the dreary months of January and February.  See the one on the right by the pot.  I think it is the one that bloomed 3 times inside this winter and is now blooming again.  And the others are about to open too.  What performers.  On the other hand, the empty looking pots in the middle of the shot… the elephant ears.  So under performing!  The cooler temps have held them back.  But the row of spiky green and white airplane or spider plants that runs between the pots is doing well.  They also wintered over. 

And look at the show off

birthday celebrations may, 2016 032

birthday celebrations may, 2016 033

The bees take great delight in the this bottle brush.  The bush is humming all the time. 

birthday celebrations may, 2016 037

My neighbor, Ida, gave me this HUGE geranium for my birthday.  It is adding a nice accent of red towards the far end of the garden.  It also helps to shade the hydrangeas. 

birthday celebrations may, 2016 036

And then there is this late comer narcissus.  Just a little bit late, dude!

More flower pictures in another post.  I know you can’t wait…


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