The Bottle Brush


It was so showy that I felt it needed a whole post just by its self. 

birthday celebrations may, 2016 033

Hanging out next to the tomatoes showing off their tribal colors on their poles.  And look at those angry clouds in the background.  But see, I had to call your attention to those things.  The bottle brush really dominated the whole garden. 

birthday celebrations may, 2016 034

I like the way the petals (I guess that is what they are called) are all curled up and then just sort of burst forth!.  The ends are the stamens, (maybe?) tipped.  In certain light they appear to be gold.  Really eye catching.  This would really make a nice piece of jewelry.

In the top picture, it is evident that the bush could use some pruning.  Not my strongest garden skill.  Australian friends who were over for my birthday said ‘Oh, when it finishes blooming just cut it back.  Don’t worry, you can’t hurt it’.  So as the blooms faded, I braved the bees and went in to start pruning.  Then I saw this.

late may 2016 004

The petals had started to drop and had gotten caught up in a spider web.  They were in an inverted cone shape, like a Christmas tree, with olive tree blossoms scattered around the bottom.

late may 2016 006

late may 2016 009

I hung a towel up so I could catch the full effect of them being suspended.

late may 2016 012


late may 2016 014

I am lucky to be able to have the time to go out and consider my garden each day (when it is not raining of course).  And lucky that things like this catch my eye and fascinate me.  And thank goodness for digital cameras.  Really!  How much film would I be using if they were not around….


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