New things from Esselunga


There is a term in the IT industry, ‘early adopter’ and I know there is one in grocery industry too for someone who will buy a new product to try it, especially if it has a tag calling your attention to the fact that it is new. 

You know, I’m one of those.  Recent new products


early june 2016 013

A really nice bamboo handle knife.  Total splurge!  I didn’t really need a knife but the handle is so nice. 

A teeny little container  of shelf stable cream that has curry in it. (cream, not coconut milk)   It is so small, maybe 2 ounces, so not enough to be a sauce more of a condiment.  I might have to break down and look at the manufacture’s web site to see how they suggest using it.  (update: I opened it.  Very Indian curry.  Did not use it)

Potato chips with a ‘heart of ginger’.  They are a summer flavor.  Suggested to have with ‘lo Spritz’, a type of drink to have before a meal, more popular in the summer, served with ice cubes in it, sometimes sort of a wine cooler, sometimes premade, sort herbal or even cough syrupy, can be both alcoholic (usually strong) or non alcoholic.  The potato chips are outstanding.  And do go well with a glass of wine.

Heinz BBQ sauce.  Yeah, what’s so special about that?  Well Esselunga is sort of ‘Goldilocks’ about BBQ sauces.  Eighteen months ago they were carrying HP BBQ sauce.  Really good.  I want to get another bottle.  Gone.   Stonewall Farms BBQ sauce instead.  Snooty and expensive.  What did Goldilocks say when something wasn’t ‘just right’?  Evidentially Stonewall Farms wasn’t,  so now it is Heinz.  I’ll have to try it and if I want another bottle rush back to get it before Esselunga moves on to another brand.

Maldon Smoked Sea Salt.  It was not expensive.  I will have to try that soon.


late may 2016 017

A few weeks ago I bought this Turmeric tea.  I didn’t like it.  But if I wanted to dye something yellow/gold that would be my go to choice. 

mid june 2016 001

I am thinking that my cousins who own a sub/pizza place in Ocean City, New Jersey would like to try this.  What a labor saver, sliced peperoni surrounded by cheese.  If you are in OCNJ check them out

early may 2016 029

These are not new to the market.  They are a mosquito repellant.  I remember that when we would vacation in Italy, I would buy these and take them back to the US.  Are they available in the US now?  About what do they cost for a box?


The horrors of the shopping trip was learning that the deli section has discontinued (for the summer) carrying store brand hummus.  If ever there was a summer spread or more deserving snack for summer it is hummus!  Yes, I know that the expensive organic brand is still available but I liked the store brand much better.  And yes I know I can make it.  Since I have figured out that I can freeze it, I might just go ahead and make a batch next week. 

So that is the fun we are having here in southern Tuscany.  It continues to rain every day at least once a day.  Sometimes buckets and buckets.  I feel sorry for the tourists.  Sunny but not hot.  It may have been up to 80 degrees one day.  We have not had the windows open yet but I am running a ceiling fan at night just to move some air around. So happy that I don’t have to cut grass.  So tried of laundry all over the house trying to get it dry.

Weather update: Rain finally stopped in mid-June now it is comfortable to hot each day but cools off nicely at night.  We are finally sleeping with the windows in the bedroom open.


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