Butterfly Bush


This is the third year that many of the bushes in my garden have been in the ground.  And as I have written, we have had lots of rain this year.  The Butterfly Bush just could not let the Bottle Brush outshine it.   The Butterfly Bush patiently waited for the Bottle Brush to finish.  Had they both bloomed at the same time I am not sure what the bees and butterflies would have done.  ‘Insect Wars!’ 

Like the Bottle Brush, the pictures do not do justice to it.  When you first see the garden, your attention is drawn to the almost electric color blue.  And so much of it.  So here is the Butterfly Bush in its full glory.

mid june 2016 043

mid june 2016 044

mid june 2016 045

mid june 2016 046

mid june 2016 020

mid june 2016 022

mid june 2016 006

As you can see the bush is HUGE!  Richard and I did not prune it back as much as we could have.  So I have been freely cutting the branches which were too close to the crape myrtle.  Luckily, this large vase, from the villa on the property, was damaged and was in the trash pile.  I rescued it and with a little duct tape made it safe to use again.  I needed a large vase.  When Ida and I talked about it, she revealed that she had not liked the Chinese beer bottles that I used as vases for a while.  But this is acceptable.   As cut flowers the stems last a long time and will continue to open rather than die. 

All this came from a live root slip that I bought at the Esselunga and just stuck in the ground.  It is a very fertile valley. 


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