The well tended garden


Our friends, Tania and Keith have a large yard, part of which is devoted to a vegetable garden.

early July, 2016 021

It is well laid out, with gravel paths, fenced off to keep inquiring dogs and other critters out.  The fence also acts as supports for the plants.

early July, 2016 020


early July, 2016 022

See that patch of corn?

early July, 2016 018

No tomatoes yet.  I think he planted a little later than I did.  But I was the grateful recipient of….

early July, 2016 031

Yellow Squash!!!!! Oh my it was good.  This picture makes them look small but they were both bigger than my hand.  I had the smaller one the first night sautéed with onion and a bit of butter.  Ben got one tablespoon full.  I ate the rest.  I cooked the larger one the same way the next day and shared a bit more with Ben and the the day after that we had yellow squash quesadillas.  Those two squash are among the best things that I have eaten in a long time. 


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