Lobster Sagra


This is one of our favs of the summer.  One that I always make sure we go to and honor my mother when we do. 

late July 2016 039

It usually happens the week of my mother’s birthday, but this year it started earlier.  We almost missed it and would have if our friend Bronwyn had not said something about it. 

late July 2016 041

Here we are, the hungry group.  from the left, Bronwyn, Lorenzo, Robin, Keith, Tania and Ben.  It was little stuffy under the tent but we appreciated being away from the edge when it started raining.  This sagra is well organized.  Takes reservations!  And the food is good and different.

late July 2016 043

Ben started with some mussels.


late July 2016 044

Bronwyn had the shrimp.  They’re big’uns.


late July 2016 045

Ben and I had the lobster.  This year it was warm with sauce on the side.  Keith and I agreed that we like it better cold with compounded butter which is the way it has been in the past.  That way is also a prettier presentation.  Well, neither here nor there.  It was good and a treat!

Glad we didn’t miss it.  And we all toasted my Mom and remembered her. 



  1. Michael

    You’ll miss those Sagras…perhaps you’ll start some “Food Festas” of your own in NC…I’d go!

  2. Raleigh has a regular ‘food truck roundup’ which I know Ben will want to go to at least once. And my friend just wrote to me about a seafood and oyster event near Lake Gaston. I suspect there are lots more that we will find out about.

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