Sagra and Festa Posters


It has been kind of hot and we have not been out as much so I have fallen behind in keeping up with the posters.  But here they are now

late July 2016 022

Right down the road from us


late July 2016 029


late July 2016 031


late July 2016 032


late July 2016 034


late July 2016 035


late July 2016 036

This last shot is for Ben who just has to have the contact info so that he can put it on his blog too.

agazzi poster 001


late July 2016 039


july posters 001


july posters 002

july posters 003

One of our absolute favs

july posters 004

july posters 005

And a religious one



  1. sherrie and Franco

    thanks love them!!

  2. Betty Haney

    I have just spent two enjoyable weeks reading all of your posts – found this blog by accident. It turned out to be a very happy accident. What a wonderful time you have spent in Italy and I have learned so much from reading about your life. Thank you for taking the time to write and post your beautiful pictures. I will continue to follow and recommend your blog to friends. Looking forward to reading about how you and Ben acclimatize to living in the States again. Treasure every moment of your last months – especially your beautiful garden and your friends.

  3. Hi Betty, Thank you so much for your kind note and thank you for reading. Ben and I are also interested in how well we will acclimate. It is always good to have a challenge in life I guess…

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