Spider Wars


I tolerate spiders because they do eat a lot of other bugs.  Of course our spider population has suffered since we started having help to clean the house.  Our cleaning lady does not like spiders or their webs.  So I was a little surprised the other day when I saw this happening in our bathroom.

late July 2016 015

This ‘daddy long legs’ had stunned some other spider and was neatly ‘mummifying’ it in silk.

late July 2016 016


late July 2016 018

This went on for a bit and then it carted the bounty back to its nest. 


Who knew our bathroom was such a hotbed of contested real estate.  At least in the bug world. 


1 Comment

  1. Very nice pics and story! 🙂
    It’s not a Daddy Long Legs, by the way.

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