Fresh Crop Potatoes


I read a lot of food articles.  In all that reading I have only come across one that expounds the glory of freshly dug potatoes.  I am not talking about those little round potatoes known as ‘new potatoes’.  I am talking about potatoes that have recently been dug up from the ground.  Ones that are full size. 

My friend BK and I were talking about them the other day.  Her Momma used to grow potatoes and I was the happy recipient of them on a few occasions, including the time BK brought them in her luggage to us in Italy.  Those potatoes were so good. Because they had recently been dug.   Because they had not been stored in the cold. 

It is no surprise that I was influenced by clever marketing in the Esselunga when a 2 kilo (a little less than 5 pounds) box of fresh crop potatoes  caught my eye, from Sardinia.  Poor Ben has been forced to eat homemade French Fries.  While these are not as good as the ones that his daughter made for us last year while we were all in France together, they were pretty good.

late July 2016 037

Having a quick soak in water before frying which was really not necessary since they were so fresh. 

late July 2016 038

When properly fried, they are crispy outside and creamy in the middle.  Really outstanding!  Just like corn that has just been picked.  There is nothing like it. 


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