Elephant Ears


I think about 6 years ago I managed to get hold of 3 Elephant Ear bulbs.   

mid june 2016 029

I like Elephant Ears.  They are a bit of work but make such showy plants.  At the end of each summer I dig the bulbs, divide them, store them for the winter and then during the best week of the year  (What?  When is that you ask?  Why, it is ACC Basketball tournament week of course!)  I start them inside.  Pamper them for weeks.  Finally set them out. 


late July 2016 012

I think in a previous post I possibly bad mouthed this group for not being showy enough.   Probably not completely their fault.  They really like hot weather.  And since it has arrived they have improved. 


late July 2016 011


The real performers are this group (dead center).  I did not even find the bag of stored bulbs until mid-June.  So they have only been in pots for a month.  However, since it was so late in the planting season I could not find my usual low end bag of dirt and ended up with a very pricy bag of indoor potting soil.  So maybe that is why these are doing so well. 

But let’s not miss the point that from 3 bulbs, I have all of these. 

Another success this year is that I finally got coneflowers or Echinacea to grow.  Several springs I have bought packaged root slips of these at the Lidl with great hopes.  And until this year the slips have never made it.  But this year 3 of the 4 did.  And 2 have bloomed!


late July 2016 010 

Hopefully they will reseed.  But since I won’t be here next spring to protect the tender new seedlings from the weed eating of Costo they are probably doomed.  But gardeners always live with hope….



  1. BK McCloud

    We’ll gift you with marigold seeds (don’t laugh-these are great), zinnia seeds, and vinca seedlings next spring. The vinca makes a showy bed every year. Jim gives away hundreds of these seedlings each spring.

  2. Betty

    I’ve been worried about you and your husband after seeing the stories of the earthquake. I am praying that you are both okay. Please update when you can.

  3. Thanks for asking about us. The earthquake was about a two hours drive from us. Did not feel anything here.

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