First Time Ever


early august 2016 014

We received a bottle of water with ICE in it.  We were at the Tagilata sagra in Agazzi.  The Italian couple sitting next to us were horrified.  They thought we should send it back as they did with their bottle of water that was ‘too cold’.  We were delighted! 

early august 2016 015

We enjoyed a nice bowl of pasta with a mixed mushroom sauce.

early august 2016 017

Ben had the mixed grill, ribs, sausage and cut steak with mushrooms on top.


early august 2016 016

I had the cut steak with arugula on top.  Enough steak went home with us so that we had steak quesadillas the next day. 

Very tasty.  This is one that we will miss for sure.




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