Random Shots


A month or so ago, I picked this big vase out of the trash pile.  It had been broken but I covered the broken edge with duct tape and used it as my outdoor vase.

late July 2016 001

late July 2016 002


late July 2016 004

late July 2016 005


late July 2016 006

Richard cut these and brought them to me.  He was calling them cardoons.  Anyway, each stem was heavy.  I thought about that when I put them in the vase.  But the vase is pretty heavy too.  I should have listened to the little warning in my head.  A week or so later, the wind caught them (or maybe an evil cat) anyway, tipped the vase and broke it to many, many pieces.


late July 2016 024

So now I have only this smaller green vase.  Too bad, I was kind of enjoying making larger arrangements. 


late July 2016 027

Even in the heat and with no water the cardoons still look pretty good.  

early august 2016 025

Another week, another arrangement.  Flowers from the hostas.


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