Getting Ready (or How much do I love the Queen Mary 2)

Taking advantage of the hot sunny weather, I drug out some of the suitcases and bags that we used to move over with


I was pleased that only one bag was totally worthless and needed to be discarded.

Now they are all aired out and clean.  Stacked better so that when we start talking with our friend Enzo about the drive to Southampton he will be able to see how much luggage we have.

When we moved over, I got the feeling that no matter how many times I said “We are moving.  We have a lot of luggage.”  No one really believed me.  And after seeing all of these out, I decided that maybe I should chat with the Queen Mary 2 folks again.

The moving gods must be smiling on us.  For a mere $100 more we now have 2 cabins on the Queen Mary 2.  Our orginial one and another one a few doors away where all the luggage can quietly sail the high seas to America.  I think there was a sale on.

Yes, I know we could have all of this shipped.  But, in all the years I have been here we have never really managed to get a package delivered to us.  So why should I trust those same delivery folks to pick up things and get them to me in America.  The things we are taking back are very personal, pictures, one of a kind things, while not that expensive are irrepalceable to me.  So what if they will have their own cabin on the Queen Mary?  These are important items to me.

So time marches on.  September, October, November and a few days in December left…



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