The small village that we are part of Montagnano has a duck sagra every year.  It is very popular, gets crowded and in the past has not been well organized.  One year after attending and being less than happy with the experience I realized that I could just go buy the duck, invite folks over and we could sit and enjoy it comfortably.  So, Sunday, September 18 our house became ‘party central’.


Ida had a lunch for 10 while I was busy setting up for a dinner for 10.  Here she is, one of the many trips up and down the stairs she had to make.


There must be a table cloth in here somewhere that I like????



Rain showers and cooler temps forced us to be inside.  Fortunately, Richard came over to help me move furniture out of our main room and we were able to bring in another table and have enough room for 11 people without being too crowded.



On Saturday night I went up to the sagra and bought 4 whole roasted ducks.  One I picked the meat off the bones, twon of them were cut up in to pieces and this was the “Beauty Queen”.   She got a platter all to herself.

The roasted duck lends itself well to being paired with Asian dishes.  I made a Thai yellow curry vegetable dish, Grace brought her outstanding chicken coconut milk soup, George and Jules brought an Indian potato and lentil dish, Richard made his Indian tomato curry.  We started with nutty snacks from Dinah and finished with  Italian Cream Cake.

It was such a fun event that I forgot to take any pictures.










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