Less than 75 days

Ah, yes, time is ticking away before our big move back to the US.  Look what the mailman brought.



We each received one containing  4 luggage tags. HA!  Like we’ll have just four bags.  That’s alright my copy machine can make pretty good substitutes.  This did reveal that there are 3 formal nights on board.  Ben is okay, he does still have a dark suit.  I think ‘formal’ could be a problem for me.  I don’t think that overalls could be called formal.  And there is the whole shoe issue.  What?  I can’t wear my tennies?   Ohhhh, it could be difficult.

We have met with Enzo who will be driving us to Southampton and worked out the bigger details.  A few small ones have to ironed out.

Last week was especially sad as the chicks moved.  Yes Auntie Martha’s Holiday Hen House is officially closed.


I tried to break it gently to Carlotta.


I don’t think she was happy.

Last Saturday, someone came and picked up a good many of our books.  She is going to open an English language library outside of Modena.  This Saturday someone else is coming to get some of my baking and art supplies.

I am gradually trying to clean out drawers but it is hard.  Came across this.


Yes, it is a receipt for a lunch that Ben and I had in France in 2002.  I was wondering why I had kept it, so of course I had to look the place up.  When I saw the pictures I realized that this was the place where I had the oysters in cider and cream.  Oh my,  I can still remember that dish.  It was so good.  Of course this leads to all kinds of other distractions.  Packing is going to take a long time.



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  1. Mike

    Cunard’s “holdover” of so many formal nights is still there! No other line really follows that policy anymore. The good news is that on our second QM2 crossing–yes a long time ago–we noted that many of the passengers were simply ignoring the “dress code” especially in the alternate dining places. In fact I was in the Asian restaurant one formal night and asked the waitress if she minded my removing my coat and tie…to be more comfortable for dining…and she said, oh, we don’t worry about that here…please go ahead!”

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