Plant of the year

Cooler temps and a little rain signal the start of the beauty pageant, also known as the garden in fall.  This year’s competitors….


The super confident Four Seasons Hydrangeas (known as Endless Summer in the US).  (They were over heard boasting about how “we’re just so pretty all the time.  That’s why they call us Four Seasons.  Of course we’re going to win.  Blah blah blah)


“We had to struggle to get where we are” group, who wintered over in the garage and with a little help burst forth to fill this space nicely.


The very dependable, exuberant, perennial lobelia (I think)  which had to be restrained to allow the elephant ears a chance at some sun and air.


The elephant ears,  whining, “that lobelia!  No one even notices us!  We’re not coming back here next year!”


The very scantily dressed crape myrtle, but so many blooms this year.  I don’t know what happened to all its leaves.  It will be much happier since it is moving to a pot and a sunny terrace, away from the butterfly bush.  The butterfly bush will probably remain and will receive the full “Costo” haircut I’m sure.


The inpatients, now that the chickens are gone and no longer nibbling on them they are doing well.  They use some trick of light when being photographed.  They are not this pink in real life, much more red.  The hosta are not participating in the competition this year but are merely observers.  (a tragic slug invasion dampened their enthusiasm.)


And always a contender, the coleus.

Well, the jury is still out, but I think all of them were beauties.




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