Party! Party!

There comes a time of year here in our little corner of Tuscany when you really have to beat the bushes to find a year round American, Canadian or British resident.  Like the snow birds of cold northern states in America they all flee somewhere.  Lots of reasons.  Their holiday letting season is FINALLY over and they can go somewhere on vacation themselves.  Olive harvesting is FINALLY over and they need to go sell that oil.  They just have to spend the holidays with their family back “home.”  “It’s just too cold and damp here.”   So before the exodus began Grace collaborated with Nancy and gave us a going away party.


Grace’s long table was set.  John and Richard came to pick us up so that I could have more than one glass of wine.  Everyone (except us) contributed to a seasonal menu.


The very tasty puree of chickpea.



George sang, songs about North Carolina and an original that he and Jules wrote.



Thanks everyone.  We are going to miss all of you but hope you will come to visit us in beautiful North Carolina.  (photo credit, George Hardy)



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