Recently, I made a drop off of clothing at a nearby charity shop.  Since I was there I decided to have a look around.  (Yes, I know I am moving soon.  But there are commemorative wine glasses from Arezzo that I am looking for and for any other small items that are very ‘Italian’.)  I found these.



Three pieces of beautiful hand work.  They must be telling a story of something….


The faces are painted on but the rest is beautiful, time-consuming work.

Go back up and look at how teeny the woman’s feet are.  Look at the  black flare, the almost Greek military style uniform the man is wearing.  Look at the little flowers, the hills in the distance, the homestead.  What is the significance of the blue and black scarf that is flowing from the woman?  What was she doing while he was off being a solider?   The three pieces just spoke to me with questions, mysteries and untold stories.  I just could not leave them in the shop and had to have them.  I would be interested if anyone has ever seen anything like this.

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