I started this blog in 2008 as a way to keep our friends in the US up to date with what we were doing in Italy.  And, I like to write, take pictures and tell stories.  Originally I was just sending emails with a picture or two in the email.  Friends began asking permission to share my emails with others so that is when I started my blog.  I really wasn’t trying to attract the general public but I didn’t mind if they dropped by for a visit.  I started using categories as a  way to keep the blog organized, so that I could go back and find a picture of a menu at a festa or whatever.  Then I discovered ‘tags’.   I think that ‘tags’ are used by search engines and ‘tags’ steered more folks to my blog.  I began to get more comments from folks I didn’t know.  And all of this is a round about way to introduce you to Alyssa and her family.  A few years back, Alyssa found my blog.  Dropped me an email. We traded emails and I gave her links to help them prepare for their move to Italy.  And they have finally made it, arriving in August.  So we arranged to meet them for the polenta festa in Rigutino.


Here’s Alyssa on the right, across from her are her delightful, well mannered, bright children, Anna, John and Luca next to their father Jeff.  (That is George and his guests at the rest of the table.  We were a big group as always)


(photo credit Alyssa Biolchini)

The man across from Luca had ordered stinco, which is a portion of pig’s leg.  He had generously shared with Luca and somehow Luca ended up with the bone which he cleverly realized was very spoon like so he was using it to eat the rest of his meal with.

After lunch, we all returned to our house to chat and see the garden.  Since they moved with only a suitcase each I had selected a few items to give them (some arts and crafts supplies, so hard to find here) and they took a few plants.


(photo credit Alyssa Biolchini)

I was delighted that they wanted some airplane/spider plants.  I got my airplane plant from 2 little bits that I scooped up from a plant at the hostel that we stayed at in Nice with our friends Jim and BK in April, 2013.  ( How can I remember that?  Well I just used categories and tags to search the blog)  (click here if you want to revisit that trip  )


(photo credit John W. Biolchini)

Here are Alyssa and I in my garden.  Don’t we look like we are up to something?

I am sorry that they moved here as we are moving away.  And I am sorry that they live so far away.  I know we could have had a lot of fun together.  And I am so happy that Alyssa found my blog and reached out.  Even if half of my old friends don’t read my blog ( I can tell by the questions that you ask….go figure)  I have made a wonderful new friend.  And my blog brought her to us.


  1. Grace Brousseau

    I didn’t see where they moved to.. >

  2. BK McCloud

    Your blog has been a wonderful way to see your every-day life in Italy. Wish we were there oncce more.

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