I’m in France

By and large when I am not trying to handle an international move, I am a happy person.  When I am happy and relaxed little snippets of songs tumble out of my mouth or I whistle.  I have an uncle who does this  and my friend Jim will burst into song (mostly hymns).  I know that not everyone does this.  And that it can be annoying.  I do try to control it.


(Just some of what needs to be managed.  This is my space in the car.)


In the musical that is my life (You know the one that runs in your head that will become a movie.  You have one of these don’t you?)  the same  song happens every time I land or cross the border into France.    It has happened for years.   Not overly involved lyrics.  The tune ( yes, George I know I can’t manage to carry one in a bucket) is lifted from The King and I.

I’m in France  Ta da da Boom!

Soon as I realized on December 11 that we had crossed the border, the song just came out.



Ben, Enzo and I drove up through a part of Italy that we had never been to before.  The Piemonte and the Val d’Aosta.  I thought the Piemonte was very pretty country and remarked on it.  Enzo immediately replied that ‘it is awful. Not pretty like Tuscany.  It is all farming, poor people are here.’  I realized that I liked it because it reminded me of ‘Down East’, the eastern part of North Carolina.  Soon we were to the Val d’Aosta and the Alps.



Icy trees

I have flown over the Alps and seen Mont Blanc (yeah, the pen people)  from a plane but this time we drove through it.  Really cool.  And then boom


I’m in France!  Ta da da boom !

Well, since I was in France it was time for a glass of wine, which I had carefully stored in a used plastic water bottle.  And all in all it was a pleasant trip.


Enzo is a wonderful driver and companion.  Very helpful with Ben.  We are so fortunate that he agreed to come along with us and our moving circus.




(moon over the Alps)

Today, December 12 is foggy and dreary, but not raining, thank goodness as we drive from Bourg en Bresse (on the eastern side of the middle of France) northwards and then west to Calais.  Making a wide arc around the northern part of Paris.   This eastern part  of France is country  that we have not seen.  Tomorrow morning we will take the Eurotunnel over to England.


But for right now


I’m in France!   Tadada boom !


I’m in France!


I’m in France!




(In the movie, I’m taller and thinner, can sing and spin around so that my skirt (Martha in a skirt?) whirls out as I throw my arms up triumphantly)


  1. Hardy

    Lovely to see you’re progressing well on your trip. I’ve been looking out for your blog, carry on posting!

  2. Penny Bovender

    You make me smile every time I read your blog. Bon voyage and safe travels. Bill & I send you our love and best wishes for a happy Christmas when you arrive on US soil.

  3. Have a wonderful trip and be sure that we all know what you are up to! We will miss your stories about Italy, looking forward to hearing of your new adventures!


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