Let the packing begin


Written on November 16, 2016

I waited until November 1 to start packing.  We have a lot of pictures…..  Everything is going into suitcases or totes and being hauled up to John and Richard’s, stored in their garage until we leave in December.


Now on the 16th, I feel like we are in good shape.  I have one case of ‘stuff’ left to pack in my room.  Four suitcases of clothes which will be all the clothes we have for at least one month or maybe six (depending on how we chose to store things).  One trunk of pots and pans in the kitchen.  And then there is Ben’s room.  But he knows that he has the same amount of space that I used, one trunk and one suitcase.

Unfortunately, we still have a lot of furniture that needs to be sold.  I can’t believe that some things have just not sold.

Next week Ben’s daughter, Annalisa will be here for a last visit.  (Do you think she might get to help her father pack?????)  We will celebrate Thanksgiving.  Grace is hosting, I am cooking the sides.  (The pots and pans are still here, but not the china or tablecloths)  Then around the first we are leaving down here in the valley and going back to where we stayed when we first arrived here.  That will give me a chance to clear this place out and to finally finish packing.  Our friend Enzo will pick us up there on Sunday, December 11 and we will start our trip to the Queen Mary 2 in Southampton, England.  Sailing away on Thursday, December 15.  Landing in New York City on December 22.  We will be spending the holidays with my very gracious cousins in Ocean City, NJ and will finally make it to Raleigh, NC after New Years.  Work starts on our condo on February 1 and I hope to know soon how long that will take.   So the next few months will be a very exciting time for us.

This is probably the last post you will see on this blog.  Because our time here in Italy has come to a close.  But there is a new blog!!!!!!!!!  Click below to see more adventures with Ben and Martha


Catchy name huh?




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