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We love you Esselunga, but you’re no Wegmans!

  In January, Ben and I were in the Esselunga shopping when this poster caught my eye.  Well, it was the listing of Trader Joe’s, Wegmans and Esselunga that caught my eye.  It seems that Boston Consulting Group did a survey.  From their website is this summary. IN THIS ARTICLE BCG surveyed more than 227,000 …

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Esselunga lets me down

  I know it is rare that I write anything negative about Esselunga, the grocery store that Ben and I drive all the way to Arezzo to shop at.  But a string of happenings has caused me concern.  Last spring or early summer, shortly after cheddar cheese appeared at Esselunga, the pre-packaged, off the shelf …

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