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American Graffiti

Before our Canadian friends, Dinah and Allen scampered back to Canada we had an enjoyable lunch with them at American Graffiti in Arezzo.  I think that it is similar to a Johnny Rocket Restaurant. Very American Rock and Roll interior. There were milkshakes which Allen and Ben enjoyed.  And there was….. Dr. Pepper!!!!!! Lord have …

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So what did we do for my birthday?

  Celebrated!  Of course!  Several times! A number of our friends here are traveling this month, so I had to start the celebrations with cocktails on May 9.  The only night in early May when it wasn’t raining. This seems to be the only picture I took of the event.  There was a lot of …

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So it was my birthday

A few weeks ago.      Birthday lunch was a chili cheese dog with mustard and slaw, sweet ice tea and cards from friends.    Dinner was with friends       From the left, Nancy, Grace and John     Ben and Mary Jane     John and Dinah     My sober driver …

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