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Maggiolata, Part 5, The last part

Look for parts 1-4 for this to make sense.   We were invited to join Dinah and Allen and their guests at Maggiolata.  For some reason we had just never gone.  And it is much more enjoyable when you can just float into the house and get a glass of wine, or go to the …

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Maggiolata, Part 4, It’s a family event

  Of course, you fall out of ranks when marching to stop and kiss your son.         This is what my father would have let me do.  Sit beside him while driving the tractor pulling the float.  It is a very family oriented country. 

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Maggiolata, Part 3, Men in Tights

What would any event in Italy be without men in tights.   They are the heralds, the banner carriers, the flag throwers, the drummers, those who proceed  the ‘royalty’ of the town.      Note the hand on the hip     Whooo, progressive, Lucignano allows a woman in this group.     It is a …

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