In February, 2007, a wonderful thing happened in my life.  After three years of submitting documents and waiting I became an Italian citizen. 

By September we (my husband Ben and I) had sold our house, packed or sold our things and set sail with our dog on the Queen Mary 2.          



      Siena enjoying the Queen Mary.  She was a real trooper about the whole move.



 We have not looked back since.  Enjoy our everyday  adventures in Italy.  If you are thinking of visiting please consider our guest house (see the Guest House tab above) and check Ben’s blog 


I can be reached by email at toreachagoal@gmail.com





  1. janiceLee Kelly

    wow missy – this looks great !!

    i WILL plan to come asap!!
    i can imagine moving to italy as well…just need an income !!

    i will enjoy reading your blog very much !!


  2. janiceLee Kelly

    i will enjoy reading your blog VERY MUCH !! this is so great. i WILL come asap !!

  3. Marilyn Olinger

    Love your blog you are living my dream if I could work there I would be there tomorrow (does any hospital in Italy need a RN) . Injoy our bella life. Marilyn Olinger

  4. mythineats

    Wow, this is awesome. I am an Italian Citizen born and raised, I moved to the United States got married to an American and after 8 years in the USA we decided to quit our jobs, sell everything and move to Italy… a bold move for people especially our age (27 and 33), we love it. We live in Emilia-Romagna (Milano Marittima) were I am from and have been here since March 2011. Of course we miss a lot of the comfort and luxuries we had created in the US but at the same time can’t believe how wonderful it is being here together and experiencing this. I am now 5 1/2 months pregnant and he does want to go to Tuscany sometime for a wine tour so that is next on the list….are you guys in Tuscany? Anyways it’s nice to see that there are other people like us willing to live a dream so not to have bucket list….

  5. Hi, looks like you all have made the adjustment after moving here. Good luck with your pregnancy and making that big change. Such an adventure too. Thanks for commenting and I look forward to reading your blog.

  6. Rita Harding

    Hello, again. Lovely to read that you’ve made your dream come true. I’m in the process of trying to do the same. Was wondering about the process you went through for obtaining your Italian citizenship. Could you share more?

  7. Thanks for reading my blog. I used a web site called My Italian Citizenship http://www.myitaliancitizenship.com/index.php At the time I used them, in 2004, there was a list of what the rules were for qualification and sort of a how-to go about doing it. I did all the US search myself, they provided one document that I needed from Italy. It took 3 years, but most of the delay was on the US side. Things could have changed by now. How far along are you in the process and where do you live?

    Other sites you might want to check for info, expats in Italy http://expatsinitaly.com/ and moving to Italy http://moving2italy2.blogspot.it/ (this last is my husband’s blog)

    And yes we really do live here on less than 30,000 USD. But keep in mind that we rent and live in the countryside not an expensive city. And we live comfortably. Eating out only occasionally, more in the summer than winter. We do not have cable or SKY, we do not buy clothing every season, we don’t go to concerts, movies or buy books. This was essentially the way of life that we had in the US.

    I’ll be happy to answer any other questions you have and keep us in mind if you are planning a trip here. We have a nice guest house.

  8. Cynthia Coleman-tunstall

    was wondering if you can help me. I am trying to find my moms dads family out there in italy and the family name is becker and mario is my moms family. if you can find out any thing pleas let me know. Tank you from California. Cynthia Coleman-Tunstall

  9. Sorry, I have little expertise in finding relatives or their past. You might try these folks http://www.myitaliancitizenship.com/index.php

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