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Steak and Porcini

Well, the first Sunday in October we managed to get a crowd together for lunch at the Porcini sagra in Noceta, a little town outside Castiglion Fiorentino. Ben and I each had a steak, fried porcini, one salad, water and wine for 50 some odd Euros.  Some of the steak came home with us and …

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Quick Sagra Round Up

  We’ve been busy this summer.  One of Ben’s daughters, Annalisa is still visiting.  She has made a few trips to visit friends and places she wanted to see and then comes back to us.  And when she comes back we try to go to a sagra or two.    This is from one of …

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Porcini and Steak

  One of the last sagras of the season is held in Noceta near Castiglion Fiorentino,  It is a porcini and steak sagra.   We went for Sunday lunch. Big, nice steaks Beautiful, fried porcini.  Always a good one. 

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